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Because god knows I'd never be able to do all this if I was in a relationship. That shit takes time and energy!

I lost my document with my goals for last year, so I'm posting this year's document so I can check it/keep track. Sorry for the detail. If I don't break it down, I'll never get it done.

SMART Goals:
Finish and revise Chiaroscuro and get it out by mid-year
Resume shopping Mr. Mystic
Revise and get into submission nine stories from my current pool
Research and write first draft of next novel project (TBD)
FogCon, WisCon, ReaderCon, World Fantasy
Participate more in Codex reviewing
Work on CW2012 Anthology
Kick Butt; Take Names

1. Finish first draft of Chiaroscuro, dammit; Update marketing/submission documents and resume shopping Mr. Mystic (Jan)
2. Revise three stories from pool for submission; start research/reading on next novel project (either Herriot-with-fairies or real-life mermaids) (Feb)
3. First revision of Chiaroscuro and send out for first reads; continue novel research/brainstorming/outlining (Mar)
4. Revise three stories from pool; Start work on next novel project (April)
5. Revise three stories from pool; work on next novel project (May)
6. Second revision of Chiaroscuro and send out for critique; draft marketing/submission documents; poke CWesters for anthology submissions (June)
7. Work on next novel project; anthology? (July)
8. Final Chiaroscuro revisions, start shopping; work on next novel project; anthology? (August)
9. Work on novel; anthology? (September)
10. Work on novel; anthology? (October)
11. Work on novel; anthology? (November)
12. Finish novel; Yuletide (December)

Pool of stories to revise:
In Death You Will Find Me
The Girl Who Married the Ocean
The Blood Carousel
The Lullaby of Allentown
The Clockwork Muse
A Song of Sixpence
The Hollow Girl, or Sam's Tale
First Contact
The Preserved Head of Jeremy Bentham


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