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Dear Author,

First and foremost, thank you thank you thank you for volunteering to write for me. I will try to give you sparks for ideas, but I'm a pretty easy cookie to please, so if you want to go on a completely wild tangent, as long as it includes some romance, sex, or fancy braining, I will be happy to go along for the ride.

First, I'm going to link you to my letter to santa from last year and my fic recs from last year, because that alone might give you a good idea of what I lean towards:

Last Year's Recs

Last Year's Letter

So, on to the things I requested this year:

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So there's this thing going around a bunch of people's blogs where we talk about our current writing projects. I got tagged, and after blowing it off for a week or two, I finally got around to making my post. It's a long one, but hopefully it sounds interesting. Really hopefully, cause I've been slogging away on it for a while now! Stick to the end and I will link back to some other blog posts by other authors, and I will also tag some new folks. IT COULD BE YOU!

Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing

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For my tagging… um… let's poke one CWest person and some of my favorite non-CWest writing buddies:


Georgina Kamsika

S.L. Knapp

Marie Brennan

Mike Underwood

Alec Austin

Aight, Cory. I want my art like you promised!

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It’s Sunday morning, and just a few hours til the Clarion West workshop officially starts. We’ve been doing Locus awards events up til now – Congrats to all the winners, most of whom are Cat Valente.

I can see already one of the ways this becomes such a significant, life-changing experience, and it has to do with time compression. I’ve only been here for two days (less than, really), but it already feels much longer than that. There’ve been excellent conversations with amazing people, and the group is large enough to be able to atomize out in various permutations without it feeling weird or cliquey, but small enough that we still feel like a band. It helps that the surrounding social structure of alums and supporters are consistently narratively constructing us as a group, so that even in these first few days we have the common experience of receiving similar kinds of friendly teasing, excellent advice, and warm well-wishing.

This density of shared experience (with many other contributing elements – even in this there is so much to unpack), creates a feeling of time compression. It feels like I’ve been here so much longer, known my cohort longer, than just a day and change. I can see why attendees quickly lose the ability to blog. It would be like thrusting your head outside a speeding train just as the tunnel edge is coming up. You’re going so fast, how do you possibly break the bubble to communicate to people living in real time? Without splatting your head, I mean.

It’s such a classic Turner-esque liminal space. Our identities are becoming unfixed! We are being made powerful and monstrous! We must be broken down before we can break through! (which apparently happens mostly in week 4, but I will not cry. Connie Willis says there is no crying in baseball. And also that Andrew Lee Potts is adorbs).

Good thing I’m a fox. We know how to navigate liminal spaces. We thrive in them. We’re made for this kind of shit. So I will try to report back across the border. Just know that time works differently here (just like in Faerie), so I can’t promise that three hundred years won’t have passed the next time I stick my head out of the bubble.

I sincerely hope the effort won’t make my head go splat.

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I have arrived in Seattle, and I have discovered that most disturbing of creatures.

[The Harley Centipede]
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Because all my cool friends are doing it:

1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.

I thought about pulling from Dragons, but I guess that would be cheating. Chiaroscuro is my 'current' manuscript, even if it is on hiatus.

"What if I were to say that I loved you?" Giuliana asked, changing tactics. Pippa's stomach rolled, and it had nothing to do with the movement of the ship. She clenched her teeth hard enough to make her whole body tremble.

She wouldn't cry. She would not cry.

"You've known me your whole life, and I doubt you care for me as much as you do for this new toy of yours." Pippa meant the accusation to be light, but the words fell like lead between them. Giuliana sucked in a breath, drew back as though struck. Pippa stepped closer, hand outstretched. "Giules, I--"

"No." Giuliana cut a hand across Pippa's apology. "I suppose you've the right of it. Given a choice between you and the Hummingswift... well, I agreed to the betrothal, didn't I?"

A tap at the cabin door interrupted them. That aerisian, Visri. Pippa hadn't seen any other crew. She stifled a groan. Chances were he had heard her fight with Giuliana.

"Captain, we have clearance. If we don't lift off now, we'll be--"

"All right, Visri. I'll be out directly." Giuliana scrubbed her face. Sniffled a few times. Sighed hard enough to puff out her cheeks. Then she met Pippa's gaze. "Well, come along. You wanted to see her fly. You can sit in the reserve pilot's jumpseat."
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All the auctions are posted - well, not all of them, but all I'm allowed to post for this week. And now I wait.

... and wait.

Insert expected Inigo Montoya quote here.

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 So, I'm trying out this "Rewiring My Brain" thingit that I saw on a Ted talk, and one of the steps is posting Three Gratitudes once per day for 21 days.
Gratitude #1
Cengage Learning - I've been here a year, and I really do like this environment and the people. Even the work, because it's easy so I can do it right and be a rock star. I'm very grateful to have a job, benefits, and a salary that is stable and predictable. Also, they're letting me go to Clarion West. And I know that I can work my way up to a better position in time. Those two things alone are wonderful.
Gratutude #2
My Stripey Scarf - Scarves! Who knew? I picked up four Pashmina scarves on a whim at a garage sale, and they are the singlemost interesting thing I've done with my wardrobe in some time. I really like how they look, and they're warm and decorative without being annoying.
Gratitude #3 
My Mom - Is a wonderful, enthusiastic, giving lady, and I need to remember this more and appreciate it more. Yesterday she told me that she feels much safer talking to me than she used to, and I am so very grateful that we've been able to achieve grace and compassion in our communications, so that we can disagree without either of us feeling like a monster.
Although now I'm wondering if I should have put my mom before my scarf...
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Did I say I had a lot of wigs? What I meant was I have a lot of costumes. Vintage, re-creation, fetish, character, dance. I've pretty much got stuff in every category. And after way more work than I expected, the first batch of items is up on my ebay store.

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I spent all last night sorting, washing, detangling, and styling wigs.

I... have a lot of wigs.

I even have wigs I don't remember ever buying. Okay, I have one wig I don't remember buying. It's very nice. I must have bought it for something. I just don't remember what.
Wherein I talk more about wigs. And buttons. )
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I have my finalized panels for WisCon, and it's a pretty exciting line-up! Although now I'm feeling the need to brush up on the topic of class. And I suppose it is now imperative that I finish Mass Effect 3.

Imaginary Book Club
Sat, 10:00–11:15 am
Moderator: Alyc Helms. Participants: Saira Ali, Julia Rios, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jane A Thompson

A repeat of "Imaginary Book Club" from last year's WisCon. Each panelist presents a review of an imaginary book, and other panelists discuss the books and their merits. Possible books to review: Connie Willis's foray into noir steampunk, "Beyond Lies the Dubstep" by Philip K. Dick, and Le Guin's new translation of Borges.

Class Culture and Values in SF&F
Sun, 1:00–2:15 pm
Moderator: Debbie Notkin. Participants: Eleanor A. Arnason, Alyc Helms, ANONYMOUS, Rose Lemberg

Class isn't just how much money you have or what work you do; it also involves cultural beliefs, values, and attitudes that are expressed in how you talk, what you do in your free time, and all sorts of less tangible elements. (See Barbara Jensen's book Reading Classes: On Culture and Classism in America, due out in mid-May.) The SF&F writing and fannish communities are mainly middle class folks, which makes the class values of SF&F works mostly middle class, too. What works and creators explore classes outside the mainstream, white, European, middle-class value systems? What class markers tend to show up most, or least, often? Do these works show the non-middle classes positively? negatively? realistically?

Gender and Class in Gaming
Sun, 4:00–5:15 pm
Moderator: Tanya D. Participants: Lisa C. Freitag, Alyc Helms, Heather Porter, Jessamyn

This panel uses Dragon Age II, Mass Effect and classic table top games as a starting point to discuss class and gender issues that have been raised by players. We'll discuss the ways in which class and gender are used in past and current games. How are gender and class issues used in the plot of the game? Does this detract or add to the gaming experience? Is it possible to be a feminist gamer?
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Why have I never heard of this book?

I must read this book! Though I worry that it will pale in comparison to the summary provided.

Capitola, the Madcap.
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I'm engaged!

The ocean just asked for my hand, and I said yes!

... though... I suppose that huge 'Marry Me?' I saw drawn in the sand could have been meant for someone else. But I prefer the version where my life sounds like the start of an awesome fairy tale: "The Girl who Married the Ocean"

I may actually have to go through with this, eventually. But not right away. You know how these things work. The girl agrees on a whim to what she thinks is a silly bargain... and then the Fae hold her to it. And that's when stuff gets interesting.

Stay tuned for invitations to the wedding/beach party.
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New crossposted blog post in which I rant about alchemy, gender, and the representation of women's perspectives in historical fiction.

I fear I'm becoming predictable.

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I often brag about the brilliance of [ profile] maladaptive, but now I'm going to prove it. Instead of ranting about the stupidity of the current kerfuffle over the sexuality of love interests available in Mass Effect 3, she wrote a story emphasizing the stupidity. And it is a little piece of awesome.

Don't let the gay get on you! You'll never get it out!

And may I just add... which is more implausible? That a love interest will be attracted to Shepard no matter if she's male or female? Or that  love interest will be attracted to Shepard no matter if she's a xenophiliac do-gooder or a deeply racist asshole?
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I started the new Novel in 90 yesterday, and I'm going to try to be a little more active about blogging my experience. Bring on the navel-gazing!!

(In which our intrepid author reveals why she doesn't blog very much.)

Really... I prefer naval-gazing. Isn't that so much prettier?
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This is the email I sent in protest to Susan G. Komen:

"Yesterday, I found out that my grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since several other women in my family have also suffered from breast cancer, and since it has been over a year since my last breast exam, I contacted my usual provider to schedule one.

Today, I read an article on NPR that indicated your charity is cutting off grants to Planned Parenthood. I URGE you to reconsider. For most of the past ten years, I have been without insurance. During this time, I depended on the services provided by Planned Parenthood. I am shocked and dismayed that a charity that claims to support women's fight against breast cancer would stop funding one of the best outlets that low-income and uninsured women have for early detection. This decision goes against everything your organization claims to be about. Until and unless you reverse this decision, I will channel my donations and volunteer activities toward Planned Parenthood. They are the organization that demonstrates time and again that women's health comes first."

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I'm not going to hit the obvious ones. If you haven't read the Octopus-steals-camera fic or the Tough Guide to Yuletide fic yet... you should.

But here's some excellent ones you might have missed:

Fandom: Oglaf
Title: Fun (For Fun and Profit)
Why it rocks: This was my gift fic, so I suppose I'm pre-disposed to loving it, but you know how you so rarely get exactly what you wanted for Christmas?  Well, I did get exactly what I wanted. An excellent fleshing out (heh) of the mercenary character as she investigates whether she is really impervious to fun. The author got the mercenary's voice _exactly_ as I'd expect it to be - scoundrel with a heart of something that might be gold except that she'd sell it if it was. Her interactions with the villagers of Meltwater had me in stitches. I have so much love for this piece that I think it deserves love from everyone else.

Fandom: The Last Unicorn
Title: Growing Together
Why it rocks: This could be a hard fandom, because the voice of the book is so unique - charming and wise and witty without being smug. Also, the story ended just where it should, so where do you go from there? This fic manages to toe the line on both those issues. The voice is everything I could want from a Last Unicorn fic, and the story is the one story I didn't know I still wanted to know. Just damn lovely.

Fandom: Twisted Princess (Disney Fanart)
Title: 待龙纹身的女孩 (Dài lóng wénshēn de nǚhái)
Why it rocks: The Mulan pic is one of my favorites of this fandom, and the fic does not disappoint. Everything about it is <i>guh>/i>-worthy, from Fa Mulan's role in her society, to Li Shang's reactions to her as he comes to recognize her for what she is.

Fandom: Tough Guide to Fantasyland
Title: A Special, Limited-Time Offer
Why it rocks: The Yuletide meta-fic guide has been getting a lot of (well-deserved) love, but don't overlook this one! It takes on the issues of Gritty Fantasy (tm), and it's the kind of funny that is painful because it's true.

Fandom: Ship Series
Title: Chess, Charades, and the Body in the Next Room
Why it rocks: I think Alex and Tia's romance might be one of my favorites of all time, and this is an excellent continuation that explores the issues of her new embodiment during a little mini-adventure that felt very much like an epilogue adventure to the original. Very in-keeping with the tone of the rest of the book, and there's even a cameo from Fred!

Fandom: The Silver Metal Lover
Title: Cut Me Out In Little Stars
Why it rocks: This is the other top candidate for my favorite romance ever. This fic is heartbreakingly good. The author takes us into Silver's head, and while I was hesitant to follow because we never go there in the book, I'm so glad I did. NGL, I cried. If you loved this book... you need to read this story. If you don't know the book... argh... you should probably read the book first, then come back and read this.


Dec. 25th, 2011 06:09 am
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I am up early, showered, have tea, and am refreshing AO3 like a madwoman to see my giftfic. It feels so much like the christmases when I was a kid, waiting for my parents to wake. Except... there was less porn in my prezzies then :D

I will link to the three gift fics I wrote after the reveal on New Years, but if you want to go check out my growing archive of (heavily revised) old fics, it's here:

Ghosts of Fanfics Past!

Happy Holidays!
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Thank you for participating, and thank you especially for coming here. Please take everything on this page as a suggestion meant to inspire you, not to limit your creativity. I’m very open and easy to please.

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Thanks so much, and Happy Yuletide!
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I have thoughts about the recent OWS evictions. I share them. Legal scholars and armchair Bill of Rights experts, come have at me.


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