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Yoinked from [ profile] the_sandwalker:

Marka-registrada, baby!

In other news... alcohol is bad, and last night the zombies won.
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I had a terrible dream last night that the fox cut went to a new hair stylist, and they bleached his hair and cut it in this shaggy, flippy metrosexual style รก la Queer as Folk. He came out of the salon and was asking me what I thought, and I couldn't figure out a way to tell him that the style made him look short and pudgy, and that it made his face all red and shiny, and that I really preferred him tall and slender, with pale skin and dark hair.

I was so worried about hurting his feelings, so I just shut my mouth and took him out to dinner. I just can't express how bad his haircut was.
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Y'know, most of the time I think Robin Hobb is bit of a crackpot with her somewhat luddite stance regarding the internet and writers:

but then something happens like today, where I sit down to take a brief break from writing, and end up spending an hour on Youtube because I found some new and cool thing and got distracted.

Today's distraction: Speed Painting.

This one's my favorite. Fricken' Mascara, man!

Uh. Back to work. I'm pretty sure I have a character's life to screw over. That's easily as fun as speed painting, right?

(for the record, I love Robin's work, I just think she's a little too on the "what's bad for me is bad for everyone else" side of the fence).
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So, thanks to [ profile] threerings's snippet and subsequent fic recs, I've been glutting myself on Labyrinth fanfic over the past week. I was considering going out and buying the DVD for a re-watch (oh, yes. I own it on VHS, but the process of replacing VHS movies with DVD's is a long and expensive one), but then the lovely [ profile] selenya posted that the artsy cinema in Indy was going to be showing Labyrinth.

My course, it would seem, is clear.

So, next Friday, August 10th, we are going to head up to Indy's Keystone Art to see Labyrinth. Anyone want to come?

In the meantime, read "A Forfeit of Dreams" by KL Morgan, here:

No. Really. This is what fic should be. I still can't get the imagery of certain scenes out of my head.

In other news, they're making a sequel to The Dark Crystal. Queen Kira looks a lot like the Fairy Godmother from Froud's Fairy Oracle deck.

Now all we need is something to do with Legend, and the fantasy trifecta of my youth will be complete.
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I'm wondering about an internet etiquette thing. What is the statute of limitations on not releasing spoilers for Deathly Hallows? I have a few LJ icons burning a hole in my hard drive, but I don't want to use them until it's generally okay to do so. I know this is a subjective thing, but any thoughts on this from the peanuts?


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