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Snowed In
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Oglaf
Relationship: Greir the Lesbian Mercenary/Snow Queen (Oglaf)
This is my second year of requesting this pairing, and my second year of winning Yuletide. The author captured everything I love about the source material. She hits that sort of good-natured bullshit-calling voice that is so very, _very_ Oglaf! Her Grier is confident, competent, and independent, and I could seriously follow her on any adventure she went on. Her Snow Queen is spot-on lovely and cheerful in the face of her loneliness, and the interactions between the two are steamy. I want to hug the final line of the fic. Always.

It Ends in a Small White Room
Rating: Teen and Up
Fandom: Pushing Daisies
Relationship: Chuck/Ned
I would say the spot-on voice for this fic is the best thing about it (and it is definitely pitch-perfect), but even that is edged out by the twisted lengths of thought the author went to in considering how rational (and unethical) science would study the Pie-maker's gifts. This is a chilling fic with an oddly-upbeat ending.

Rating: Teen and Up
Fandom: Darkangel Trilogy – Meredith Ann Pierce
Relationship: Aeriel/Erin
My favorite little-known fandom got two excellent fics this year, both very different, but both very happy-making in their own ways. This one follows the adventures of Aeriel and Erin after the books as they gather pearlstuff, and I particularly appreciated how the author was able to capture the feeling of entropy and loss in her prose.

Sons for Every Daymonth
Rating: General Audiences
Fandom: Darkangel Trilogy – Meredith Ann Pierce
Relationship: Gen
The second of my Darkangel recs, and I have to say that although I've read these books a hundred times at least, this one caught me by surprise and made me consider an aspect I had never really thought about before. It's just a series of vignettes about the boys who each in turn became the Witch's sons, but each one is chillingly awesome in its own right.

If the Fates Allow
Rating: Teen and Up
Fandoms: The Rocketeer/Captain America
Relationship: Cliff Secord/Jenny Blake; Steve Rodgers/Peggy Carter
How have I never considered this crossover or desired this fic? This is the fic I didn't know I wanted. The author captures the patois of The Rocketeer and Captain America films so well… and now I want to go watch these two films back-to-back and dream of a shining, all-american golden soldier and his reckless and slightly madcap pilot buddy… and their two awesomely brave and just-as-heroic ladies.

No Harm Ever Came from Digging Up the Past
Rating: General Audiences
Fandoms: Bone Key – Sarah Monette, The Mummy Series
Relationships: Gen, but focuses on Evy and Claudia
Archaeology crossover FTW! Awesome ladies being Awesome! Howard Carter/Lord Carnarvon/Real-life curse of Tut's tomb! Nancy-Drew style investigations except more awesome! And by someone who clearly knows their archaeology stuff. My main sadness is that this team of lady archaeologist-adventurers isn't canon. Someone go write me canon lady archaeologists. Stat!
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