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Edit to my anon author: I am SO sorry I never made this visible!  Please feel free to ignore everything here, since it didn't get posted until way late. Trust me, I'm so very easy to please with any of these pairings :)

Request 1 
Koltira Deathweaver/Thassarian
I love these guys. Any point in their relationship is fine, and you can take it from bromancy to necromancy and all shades in between. Bonus points for hot sex, angst, and/or the two of them playing Alliance/Horde animosity against itself.

I usually have a really strong squick around non-con, but in the case of Death Knights, part of the thing I LOVE about them is that they're always subject to the whispers of the Lich King (Arthas or Bolvar, doesn't matter. A benevolent mind-controller is still a mind-controller!) If you have any interest in exploring the tension between what Koltira and Thassarian feel for each other, and the demands/expectations of their Master, that would be lovely. Especially something where the boys might want to be kind/loving/romantic/consensual with each other, but the mind-control injunction to cause pain/harm/trauma/heartbreak is something that is constantly causing tension and making them act other than they would (or having to fight against it/understand).

I don't know if I articulated that very well, but those are my fuzzy thoughts.

Request 2 
Banter banter banter. These guys are the softer, living side of Thassarian/Koltira for me.

In this case, the whole violence/non-con thing would really not work for me, and non-con in particular would fell squicky and totally out-of-character.

Mostly, I want more banter and adventure-avoidance. However, if you want to give me backstory, or have them get dragged unwilling into an adventure, that could be a lot of fun. Basically, I see them as similar to Vladimir and Estragon from Waiting for Godot, or Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern from R&G are Dead - that is... more commenting on the world around them and only participating unwillingly. So yeah, they might be a good pairing for snapshot interactions, rather than a fully-developed story.
Request 3 
Any Character

Go to town. Give me the crackiest crackfic ever to crack the world. Give me fourth-wall breaking crack. Give me crossover crack. Give me sexy, well-written crack.

My only squicks are non-con. I'm not usually fond of M-Preg, but I don't think I can make any such restriction when I've just asked for crack :)
Request 4 
Write-in request for Matthias Shaw/Edwin VanCleef. Is that even possible? I missed the noms. ::weeps::

I love VanCleef, and I think he has a totally legitimate beef against Varian Wrynn and the nobles of Stormwind. He rebuilt their fricken city, and they didn't pay him or his workers because they're cheap assholes. Man, I want the Defias to tear that shit _DOWN._

But of course, Matthias Shaw can't let that happen. That is a recipe for epic, tragic conflict.

Bonus points for VanCleef kicking Wrynn in the junk, whether actually or symbolically.

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Dragons in WoW are lore appropriate, and dragons hiding out and observing the populace are also lore appropriate. That doesn't mean creating a player character who is secretly a dragon isn't intensely problematic and probably very mockable. As with anything, I suppose it comes down to execution.

I know one person who had achieved good execution on this, so this character concept is partially her fault. My love of Doctor Who is the other culprit; much like the Doctor, Xan is a revolutionary who finds humans fascinating and disagrees with the standing policy of non-interference. Or, as moonandserpent has pointed out: "She'll make a wonderful Infinite someday."

Yeah... well, we all know that Nozdormu hied himself off to become the leader of the Infinite Flight anyways. Xan is just "Vollowink in her Grandvathers vootschtepps!"


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So, this is what I spend all my time doing on WoW. It's called 'RP', and it can be a strange beast...

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